It‘s all about your story.

No matter how many beautiful portraits I’ve taken so far or beautiful Candid moments, to me, the most important thing is to tell a story. What I am genuinely most after is telling the story of the bridal couple.

Stories might be similar, but each one very unique at the same time. This is the reason why I photograph weddings since over 10 years. Each time I get just as excited as the first time.

Those pictures, that are really unique where everything comes together – the moment, the light, the emotions, the interesting composition – are the ones I win prices with and also the pictures I chose to be on my portfolio.

When it comes to the documentary of your wedding, it is a mix of it all that tells the story of your day rather than singular photos. It’s seeing the feelings, emotions, remembering that one day by looking at the images… This is what you and your loved ones will always be able to look back to and share with the next generations.

I feel like I know the story of my grandparents from very few pictures, that my parents and I were left behind with. The story of grandpa, my father, will be something that through my pictures my daughter will always be able to connect with and have a vivid memory of.

I think you can compare single images with pieces of art or moments in a movie. There are those that are important to have and key pieces of the story, those that will move you, make you cry or laugh.


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