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What is more important? Portraits or Candid photography?

This is a question a lot of photographers struggle with. Of course it is better to be rich and healthy or to have this and that. Sometimes, we do not have a choice, though. Life happens and every now and then we do have to decide on having one thing or the other. Luckily, on weddings we have time for both ;-)

To me, Candid (Documentary pictures) are those images where it all comes together or most of it, at least – the moment, the light, the colors, emotion, an interesting composition. That’s the special something that makes a photograph stand out. And for that, you just have to be at the right time, at the right place… It sounds a little easy, right?

Portraits are almost the same, but without the time or spatial aspect.

A good candid picture can make you have another view on a certain situation and discover new perspectives.

Portraits on the other hand, will show you a person and and showcase their character and personality.


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