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30 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photography

Here, I answer the 30 most common questions that couples ask me as a wedding photographer.

30 Questions about Wedding Photography
  1. What is your photography style?

    I focus on authentic wedding photos by capturing natural, unposed moments. My goal is to create images that capture emotions and atmosphere, evoking vivid memories even years later.

  2. Can you show examples of your work?

    You can find many examples of my photography on my website, especially wedding stories. These are important as they show how I capture and tell the special moments of a wedding.

  3. Do you have experience with large weddings?

    Yes, I have extensive experience with weddings of all sizes, from small to large celebrations with up to 900 guests.

  4. How many weddings have you photographed?

    To date, I have photographed over 400 weddings, each with its own uniqueness.

  5. How are emergencies handled?

    In case of emergencies, a network of professional photographers is available to ensure your day is perfectly captured.

  6. What is included in the package price?

    My packages include pre-consultations, photography on the wedding day, image editing, and an online gallery.

  7. Are the photos edited?

    Yes, I edit all photos, focusing on a natural look. I do not use external filters but enhance the images to look authentic and real. I only do skin retouching on portraits of the bridal couple if necessary to underline natural beauty.

  8. How long does post-processing take?

    Editing all photos usually takes about 2 months. However, you will receive the first 10 images within 7 days after the wedding so you don’t have to wait too long.

  9. Do you have a contract?

    Yes, I work with detailed contracts to clearly regulate all details.

  10. How flexible are you with the schedule?

    I am flexible and adapt to the schedule of the wedding day.

  11. How many images will we receive?

    The number of images varies depending on the package, typically between 300 and 700.

  12. Do you also offer wedding albums or books?

    Yes, I offer high-quality wedding albums and books that are a beautiful memory of your big day.

  13. Should we create a list of must-have shots?

    A special list of must-have shots is usually not necessary, as I intuitively capture key moments and important details due to my long experience.

  14. How do you deal with difficult lighting conditions?

    I prefer natural light and rarely use flashes. However, in difficult lighting situations, I use flashes and lamps to ensure the quality of the images.

  15. What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

    My approach is different by focusing on capturing authentic and unposed moments. I strive to capture the true emotions and atmosphere of your special day, which I achieve thanks to my extensive experience and a keen eye for details. For a deeper insight into my work and philosophy, I recommend reading more on the “About Me” page.

  16. How long should I plan for the bridal couple shoot?

    Normally, I recommend 1-2 hours for the bridal couple shoot to make a variety of relaxed and natural shots. However, since I specialize in reportage, sometimes I only have 15 minutes for the couple shoot. It really depends on how much value you place on these photos and what your schedule looks like. I am flexible and ensure that we get beautiful images even in a shorter time.

  17. Do you work with assistants or second photographers?

    No, I work alone. This allows me to fully concentrate on photographic reporting and create a personal and undisturbed experience for the bridal couple.

  18. How do you deal with guests who also take photos?

    I am used to dealing with guests who take photos. I focus on making professional and unobtrusive photos while giving guests their space.

  19. Do you have experience with different cultural or religious wedding ceremonies?

    Yes, I have experience with a variety of cultural and religious wedding ceremonies and respect the special traditions and customs.

  20. Can we use the photos for personal purposes?

    Yes, you get the rights to use the photos for personal purposes, to share and print.

  21. Do you also offer engagement shoots?

    Yes, I offer engagement shoots. They are a great way to get to know each other in front of the camera and create beautiful memories before the wedding.

  22. Can we request a specific type of photos?

    Absolutely, I am open to your ideas and suggestions. Let’s talk about it in advance so I can best implement your wishes.

  23. What happens if the weather is bad on the wedding day?

    I am well prepared to photograph in various weather conditions. If the weather is really bad, we will find a solution together to still make beautiful photos.

  24. How long do you usually stay at a wedding?

    The duration of my presence at a wedding depends on the booked package. Typically, I accompany the bridal couple from getting ready to cutting the cake or the first dance to tell the best story of the day. Often I am also booked for the registry office or a get-together the day before to capture these special moments.

  25. Can we book you for an extension on the wedding day?

    Yes, an extension is possible. Let’s discuss this in advance so I can plan the day accordingly.

  26. Do you also photograph outside Germany?

    Yes, I also photograph destination weddings. I often accompany weddings throughout Europe and beyond. The longest journey I have made for a wedding so far was to Cuba. I look forward to discovering new places and capturing your special moments all over the world.

  27. Are there additional travel costs?

    For bookings over 8 hours within Germany, I do not charge travel costs. For shorter bookings or assignments outside Germany, additional costs may apply.

  28. How early should we book you for our wedding?

    I recommend booking at least 6 to 12 months in advance, especially during the high season, to ensure your desired date is available.

  29. How do we proceed if we want to book you?

    Just contact me via my website or email. We can then have a consultation to discuss your wishes and details for the day.

  30. Do you also offer photo workshops or courses?

    Yes, I offer workshops and courses for aspiring photographers or those interested. I share my knowledge and experiences in photography. Information on current courses can be found on my other website

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