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To write about myself or introduce myself on social media is not something I find quite easy –and that although I grew up in a household where there were we not only had friends and family visiting each day, but also oftentimes strangers. What counted was that they were exciting, interesting people that had something to talk about. The content was always more important than the shape. Maybe that is the reason why it feels hard to bring this lines into paper. I still want to try though.

I was born in the Ukraine and grew up in a typical russian-speaking family of intellectuals.
My mother, a qualified physicist, who now works as a print designer is my friend and consultant. It’s from her that I got the emotional and sensitiveness.
My father – a writer, journalist and psychologist – is my mentor. He toughed me moral principles, how to reflect on the things I do and create and how to enjoy them.
My wife is my personal Mount Everest. She is beautiful, rebellious, loving, wild, intelligent, unconventional. I instantly saw the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the moment I saw her.
My daughter is just another woman that drives me crazy (and also makes me extremely happy). She is eight years old now and just like her mother. All the words I used to describe my wife times to: that is my daughter.

My wife and I got married in Denmark. We were students at that time and had no money – so to hire a wedding photographer wasn’t an option. Luckily the woman from the registry office and the owner of the flower shop offered to take a few pictures of us. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one good image among those. Today we have a couple of pictures that we took from each other and love. I think that is what brought me to wedding photography. A year after getting married I started to photograph weddings. And it became my vocation.

Wedding couple Hanover
Photographer Hanover Oleg Rostovtsev

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