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About me

In our world today, advertising texts almost all sound the same: They talk about individual service by a professional photographer, first-class images that capture emotional and unforgettable moments of your big day, of value not only to you, but also for future generations.

I wish my work could speak for itself, but I realize that not everyone has the time to delve into the differences between individual photographers. That’s why I want to introduce you to three aspects that I believe set me apart:

  • My strength lies in reportage. Whether it’s your wedding, a friend’s birthday, or a company party, I focus on the little moments, the emotions, and the movement. Sometimes I am a patient hunter of these moments, sometimes quick reaction counts. My skill in this area is confirmed not only by awards in photo competitions but also by the feedback from my clients, who are often surprised to discover details and moments that had previously escaped them.
  • As a photographer, I make sure you look extremely attractive in the pictures. My love for people and the emotional bond that develops during the wedding help me to show you in the best light. Even though I don’t possess magic powers, it’s this relationship that enables me to photograph you advantageously. Sure, lighting and composition are essential, but what good are perfect wedding photos if you don’t like yourself in them?
  • I see myself not just as a wedding photographer, but as an artist, inspired by the great masters of photography history. Photography is my passion, my constant companion. I am always photographing, always searching for beauty in the everyday. I keep up-to-date with the latest trends and seize every opportunity to visually evolve and deepen my understanding of the art.

Of course, my style is not to everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for an extroverted, creative photographer who takes center stage, gives instructions, and stages his own ideas, I’m probably not the right one for you. I am more of a discreet observer, keeping to the background, yet still present everywhere. I am happy to offer my support, but my desire is for you to stay true to yourself and not become someone the photographer imagines.

Oleg Rostovtsev, Your Photographer from Hanover

Photographer Hanover Oleg Rostovtsev

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