Philosophy in Wedding Photography

wedding photography

What is the modern wedding photography?

An american photographer has said: “A wedding photographer can be compared to a military photographer- both do not have the right to commit a mistake.”

But let’s return to the past.

Usually, in this still young past, the wedding photographer was an unprofessional guy who wanted one thing- earn money without caring for the quality of his photos. As a result,

the customer received less than desirable results.

Over time, first in the United States, then Australia and for the shortest time in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the wedding photography met professionals from magazines and the fashion industry.

The quality of the images has improved. Not only did the customer receive high quality photos, also the wedding album – a common result from the photographer and the designer which has been made in Italy or Spain on demand. Prices were rising as well.

Stilted photography reigned, where the photographer transforms into a director and the couple into actors which are submitted to the orders, where theater poses are standard.

Photography in which the individual personality, the individuality of the moment and of the photographer fusion into one.The most important thing is the individuality, as the wedding itself.

Born from this individuality was the ever growing wedding reportage. Something I, not a beginner in the topic, always recommend to my customers.

Unbiased, natural emotion and many wonderful moments – the essence that makes the genre so original and unconventional, is that separates the pictures from others.

The artistic wedding reportage which captures the unforgettable, incredible moments, gestures, small things, which are unnoticed by the ceremony, are captured forever for your offspring.

Musicians finish their repertoire, the cake will be eaten, and the only thing that remains- are these pictures! Unique as you are.

The choice is yours!

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