After having a wonderful day full of excitement, tears of beautiful emotions, and serious, official parts, it is just time to start let the wedding party start!

The location you chose, will set the stage for the entire party. The way you chose it to be decorated, and the music being played will let your guests feel comfortable and spread the feeling of celebration!

The first dance of you and your significant other is a very intimate, nice moment, i like to take pictures of. I know that the couple rehearsed and prepared that dance weeks before their wedding day, so it is definitely a beautiful moment you want to remember.

I believe that the wedding party is the most fun and free part of the wedding.

I suggest for my bridal couples to book me until about two hours after dinner.

My years of experience have just shown me, that the guests are in the most celebrating and happy mood after dinner and a few zips of wine.

It is a really fun way to end the documentation or reportage of your Marriage day and builds the perfect happy end of your very own love-story.


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