The Details you choose to have on your wedding, are the little things that will make this day unique and give it its personal touch.

As going through a wedding day, i always make sure to look myself around every once in a while and make sure, that i have pictures of the details you put together to make your venue look lovely and your guests feel comfortable.
I want to hold in pictures the effort you brought into each detail. The flowers you choose, the heart-balloons, the beautiful pompoms… for me it all counts, because i know, that for you this is important and just beautiful things you want to keep a memory of.

It is also always nice to have pictures of the individual dress-up details of you and your spouse, such as the wedding shoes, the bow tie, the accessories you will be wearing and of course a shot of your wedding rings.

By taking detail-photos of your wedding, i like to stick to my photojournalistic style and try to present them in a fluent, vivid way, for example by taking a shot of the moment the make up artist puts that lipstick you chose on your lips.


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