As a photojournalist, i have to always remind myself and take about one to two hours with the bridal couple on each wedding to take beautiful portrait-pictures of the couple.

This images are just as important as the ones of the preparations, the ceremony or the wedding reception pictures.

Knowing that the wedding day is full of stations and the bridal couple has a quite strict schedule, i try to create a very relaxing, comfortable but also fun atmosphere for them to be together at. This way they just take a quick break where it is all about them and their happiness. On a portrait-shooting, i would have my couples be intimate and connecting with each other on the first place by having a walk together and taking pictures of them being real and natural, rather than giving them too much instructions.

This way, i capture the very best of them with their most beautiful emotions.

Over the last couple of years, the idea of having a portrait-shooting be taken on the honey moon has also established itself very well. Here, the couples are able to enjoy the wedding and than take time afterwards at their holiday to be photographed at. The results are just really amazing pictures in a wonderful location. This offers, of course a whole other lightness and flow to the images and is something i can warmly recommend if you are having schedule on your wedding day.

I am an internationally bookable and always ready for new adventures and new places.

I am always open for amazing ideas like having a wedding shooting at a circus, at the beach or in on a top of a mountain. Photography is not only my job, but also my passion, so whatever challenge is up for me, i will take it and make the best of it for you to be more than happy with the results.


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