Wedding Album


Your exclusive wedding album!

Who does not want to feel his or her heart beat with excitement, see the love and the happiness that spoke to you through the eyes of your loved one the day you got married?

I would like to design a wedding album of high quality, which invites you to delve in memories of this wonderful day, to not let that memorable day pass away, to relive it once more.

Hochzeitsbuch Buch

In order not let any or your wishes in the open, I hold a great choice of book covers with different sorts of paper quality to choose from.

I offer photo books from Italy or the United States, which are of first class quality. They emphasize the perfection of your pictures greatly. The memory will be as precious as the day itself.

Fotobuch buch

Pictures that are combined with such an album will stick out and will radiate a special kind of appeal.

All of that will capture you while you are on your personal, private trip: the vivid play of colors, dreamy black and white images, harmonic atmospheres combined with breathtaking lightings.

Hochzeitsalbum Album

Hochzeitsalben Alben

I can also make your individually designed wedding invitations card as Cards of thanks:

danksagungskarten und dankeskarten

Wedding Аlbum Nadja & Jochen

Please contact me. I will be looking forward getting in touch with you and your personal wishes.

Your wedding photographer Oleg Rostovtsev.


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