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The most beautiful day in your life- captured for eternity.

The most beautiful day in your life, the crowning of your relationship. Your wedding day is supposed to be an unforgettable moment. To remember things for years to come, wedding pictures are essential. In order to meet the expectations, it’s very important for me to get to know the couple before the wedding.

Let us plan together how we document your wedding.

Pictures from an engagement shooting are ideal for invitations or as a present for guests.

Do you just want to have pictures for your wedding album or do you want a wedding reportage, starting from the very beginning to the preparations, and the marriage ceremony?

Maybe the bride would like to have personal pictures as a present for the groom.

Anything is possible.

You will get unique pictures, which will create a chuckle even after many years. The way to the marriage office, the wedding itself, the first cut of the cake, the fireworks and many unnoticed details will be preserved by me. We will look together for the best pictures, which reflect the essence of the ceremony. As a professional photographer I will accompany you on your most important day of your travels. Never mind if Munich, Hanover or Hamburg, all of Germany or abroad, I will be of assistance to you.If you are not in the mood for a shooting during the planning period, or the weather god does not play along, we can delay the shooting.

Pictures created in the place of your choosing can be very romantic. You can be there for your guests at the wedding and be happy about wonderful pictures at the same time.

Never mind for which kind you go for, the result will be unforgettable memories. To every booked package is the color correction and a DVD with all of the images. You can use them for your private needs. You can always reprint, publish them on the internet and create copies for your family and friends.

Big fun and pure entertainment offers a “photo booth”, a mobile studio, where the guests themselves can take pictures via a remote control. You will get funny pictures you can use in your guest book.

If you want, I will create the layout and design of the wedding album or the cards. You want the best shot as a large printout? No problem.

The number of the images will go hand in hand with the duration of the shooting or the day.

But most importantly, to create wonderful pictures is a happy couple. I can correct small mistakes but that smile, or that fire in your eyes, only you can create that.

For additional info to the shootings, the appointments or individually created packages, I will be available anytime. I will try to answer as fast as possible, not matter if you write an email or call me.

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