Wedding photographer F.A.Q.

wedding photographer

Answers to frequent questions.

When to ideally book you?

The more important wedding photos are to you, the earlier you should contact the wedding photographer. Ideally 5 to 12 months in advance. Just write an email or call me personally as soon as your appointment is secure.

Are we able to get in contact with you personally before the ceremony?

Yes, I will be personally available for you for an introductory talk. While getting to know each other, I will show you my Album samples , some slide shows as well as some wedding pictures that are not on my website so you can get a better image about my services.

We will be able to talk about your own ideas.

I am always open for creative ideas. If you want to spend the time, we can also create a love story or an engagement shooting before your wedding.

Can I book you throughout Germany? Can you do a shooting abroad?

You can book me throughout Germany and I will travel by car, train or airplane. Sometimes it is less expensive to arrive by train in big cities like Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden, Hamburg, Stuttgart or Munich. I already have been in many countries around the world, and I am bookable world wide.

Will you accompany me throughout the whole day?

Depending on the booked package I will accompany you from the early morning until 12:30 at night, or a few hours while you are getting married (this offer is just applicable during the normal work days)

I recommend the whole day package, because it offers the best possibility to capture all the unforgettable moments of your wedding.

How are we able to get our pictures?

You will receive a DVD or USB-Stick with 400-800 color corrected wedding photos in high resolution (depending on the duration of the wedding), in color or in black and white, in JPEG format. You can use those pictures freely for your private needs.

Can we order a whole book?

Of course. I offer exclusive wedding albums from Italy, Spain or the United States. Depending on your wishes you can choose the individual pages, cover and the size.

How do we book you for our day?

You can contact me via phone, email, or the contact sheet on my website. Tell me the date, time and place of your wedding. If the appointment is still available, I will send you a non-binding offer.

If you agree with the offer, we can subscribe to a contract. The contractor will have to transfer the money to my account. Only after the money has been transferred, I will be firmly booked. We will arrange a meeting to talk about the details.

We already celebrated, can we still book you as a photographer?

Yes, even when your day is a past memory, there are many possibilities to get the wedding dress out of the closet. We can arrange an after wedding shooting or trash the dress shooting. Also you can book me for a few days in your honeymoon or your vacation to arrange a shoot and travel.

I am open for any of your offers!

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